Subtractive Synthesis (1)

The Music Telegraph | Text 2019/01/07 [11:20]

Subtractive Synthesis (1)

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Subtractive Synthesis



Subtractive synthesis:

- Subtractive synthesis is often referred to as analogue synthesis because most analogue synthesizers (non digital synthesizer) use this method of generating sounds. In it’s most basic form, subtractive synthesis is a very simple process as follows:



[Oscillator] —————> [Filter] —————> [Amplifier] 



1) An oscillator is used to generate a suitably bright sound. This is routed through a filter

2) A filter is used to cut-off or cut-down the brightness to something more suitable. This resultant sound is routed to an Amplifier

3) An amplifier is used to control the loudness of the sound over a period of time so as to emulate a natural instrument



In essence, this is subtractive synthesis. You start with a sound, subtract out the unwanted bits and control its loudness over time 


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