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▲ Digital Audio Synchronization

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1. A sample clock determines when these sample instants occur. All digital audio devices have some form of a sample clock to control their internal sample rate or sampling frequency. In a studio where we integrate many different pieces of equipment that all depend on their own clocks to function we will invariably have sample instants taking place at different times unless we synchronize all the clocks in each piece of equipment and tie the timing of these events together. 


2. This synchronous timing is required because unlike analog audio, digital has a discrete time structure consisting of individual samples. Successful communication between different digitalaudio devices or the mixing of different digital audio signals together will fail if each device is not producing their bits of data in precise co-ordination with each other.


3. Poor quality timing between multiple digital audio devices or the improper distribution of those timing signals will result in non-synchronous operation and the result will be the creation of random and highly audible artefacts, often described as clicks, pops or glitches.




*Here are some of the devices that may be connected together in a digital audio system:

- DAW / digital audio interface

- A stand alone A/D converter

- Digital mixer

- Digital microphone

- CD player

- Digital multitrack

- A voice channel with a digital output

- An effects processor 






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