Diginoiz ‘Hattricks’: An Optimal Plug-in for Programming Quick Rhythms typical for Trap, R&B and Hip hop Hi-Hats

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Diginoiz ‘Hattricks’: An Optimal Plug-in for Programming Quick Rhythms typical for Trap, R&B and Hip hop Hi-Hats

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Diginoiz ‘Hattricks’: An Optimal Plug-in for Programming Quick Rhythms typical for Trap, R&B and Hip hop Hi-Hats 



The Polish sound design and VST instrument developer company Diginoiz is proud to announce availability of 'Hattricks' — The innovative plug-in for creating quick hi-hat patterns and drum fills. It is a unique plug-in that will speed up your drum patterns programming workflow like no other plug-ins ever did.


Hattricks is a simple but innovative tool dedicated to efficient playing and programming quick rhythms typical for trap, r&b and hip hop hi-hats. It is a sampler and a sequencer with rhythm divisions assigned to keys. 



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In practice you upload or choose from attached huge library, a sample of a hi-hat, and by pressing keys, you trigger short looped sequences of straight notes and triplets, which are, due to their speed, impossible to play by hand and laborious to click in with a mouse. Chosen hits and sequences can then be pitched up and down to create characteristic tuned hi-hat rolls.


If you decide that you want to change the sound after laying down the part, you can choose a sample from Hattricks’ huge library, or drag a favorite sample of your own. If then you feel the need to refine it you can change its length, retune it, filter it with a low-pass and high-pass filters and adjust its attack, decay and release times.


Hattricks also has a section with articulations dedicated for creating snare fills and you can use it with any type of samples you want to create fast rhythmic and melodic sequences. For example, if you loaded a snare sample into Hattricks then you would turn it into a VST for trap snare drum rolls. Also, if you loaded a tonal sample into Hattricks then you would turn the plug-in into a sort of VST for trap melodies with which you first make a rhythm sequence and then can play with the notes’ pitch.


You can use Hattricks for Trap, R&B, Pop, EDM, or for any of genres you want. With Hattricks you will receive a huge library of 853 hi-hats samples and 45 bonus drum samples which overall gives you almost 900 top-quality sounds ready to use and create. 




  • 12 Rhythm divisions
  • 25 Articulations
  • 2 Octave of keys retuning the sample
  • 898 Samples including:
  • - 853 Hi-hat samples
  • - 20 Snare samples
  • - 5 Kick samples
  • - 5 Shaker samples
  • - 15 Tonal samples
  • Possibility to upload samples
  • Dice button for choosing random sample
  • Tuning and fine-tuning sliders
  • Low-pass/Hi-pass filter
  • Start/End sample markers
  • AHD envelope
  • Zoom with three types of controls
  • Mono/Poly modes
  • Patterns display
  • Pitch and Modwheel for additional modulation



System minimal requirements:

  • Windows 7 64-bit for PC
  • MacOS 10.12 64-bit for Apple Mac


* Hattricks is available in VST3 and AU formats. It does not support VST2 format. (available in Cubase, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Studio One, Garage Band, etc.)




€29.95 EUR


(As a Diginoiz’s 11th Anniversary bonus, anyone who purchases Hattricks will get a huge bundle of 3,377 drum one-shots (worth over 300 Euro) for free that can be used in Hattricks or in any other way you want.)



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About 'Diginoiz' (https://diginoiz.com)

Diginoiz is a label founded by experienced musicians, sound engineers, producers, manufacturers but most importantly - audio enthusiasts, for the most demanding customers, who value highest quality of sounds, loops, samples and presets. Many years of experience in creating various styles of music such as hip hop, r&b, modern pop, up-tempo, club, and many other, resulted in knowledge of what producers are looking for.






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