Music Business (Quiz #3)

The Music Telegraph | Text 2019/10/19 [13:35]

Music Business (Quiz #3)

The Music Telegraph| 입력 : 2019/10/19 [13:35]

*Give the definition for the following terms.



1. Parties:




2. Territory:




3. Term:




4. Old Defined Composition:




5. New Defined Composition:




6. A "Qualifying Side" is a recording not less than __________________ in playing time.




7. A "Album" must be at least _____ songs and _______ minutes in playing time.




8. An "Advance" is a ________________________________________________.




9. A "Delivery Commitment" is _________________________________________.




10. The publishers share of your interest in all Defined Composition is _____ percent.











1. People involved in a contract (artist/company), partner/anyone who owned/controlled by artist or publisher holding interests


2. locations or area that product is sold


3. length of period in an agreement


4. songs written and owned by artist before an agreement


5. songs written during an agreement


6. 2 and quarter minutes


7. 8 (qualifying side), 35


8. prepayment of loyalties, it would be recouped or repaid by publisher to artist


9. a defined composition received by a publisher in forms of DAT or tape format


10. 50






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