dSONIQ 'Realphones': A Plugin that creates A Complete Mixing Workspace in Your Headphones

The Music Telegraph | Text 2021/05/19 [12:42]

dSONIQ 'Realphones': A Plugin that creates A Complete Mixing Workspace in Your Headphones

The Music Telegraph| 입력 : 2021/05/19 [12:42]



dSONIQ 'Realphones': A Plugin that creates A Complete Mixing Workspace in Your Headphones



dSONIQ has just released 'Realphones 1.7', the latest version of its state-of-the-art software solution that expands the possibilities of using headphones for professional mixing and mastering.


Realphones is a plugin that re-creates acoustic environment of recording studio control room in your headphones and corrects their frequency ranges. With Realphones, the possibilities for mixing on headphones approach the conditions of a professional recording studio’s control room. You will be able to trust your monitoring, making the mixing process much simpler.


Realphones was designed for audio engineers or musicians who lack a suitable acoustically treated space working in a room with terrible background noises and reverbs. 



▲ Classic 'Advanced Mode'


Based on advanced research and development of the psychoacoustic modeling of human hearing, combined with acoustic measurements in numerous studio control rooms, Realphones technology provides fidelity and confidence while estimating the main aspects of sound mix (levels, dynamics, equalization, panning, stereo image, reverb, depth, etc.) with precise control over the full range of frequencies required for the mixing and mastering process.


Realphones provides you with confidence in mix control not only aligning your headphones frequency response to make them sound more linear but turning them into a professional studio control room with advanced psychoacoustic processing.


It also includes modeling of diverse sets of pro and consumer audio speakers so you can verify the behavior of your mix across a wide range of simulated speakers.


In addition, there are controls for various aspects of the stereo mix. You can check mono compatibility, left-right symmetry, single-speaker playback and the side anti-phase component.


Although the main target of development was the use of headphones for mixing and mastering purposes, dSONIQ engineers did not forget about audiophiles, who can enjoy the enhanced fidelity and hear all the details of their favorite recordings using Realphones, as if they hear them on a high-end sound system. 



▲ New 'Easy Mode'


Since the 1.7 version, a new simplified interface has been added to the Realphones. Now it is very easy to adjust the sound in just a few clicks since there are only three intuitive main controls: Correction, Environment, and Brightness.


The “Easy Mode” has no compromise in sound quality. It has the same engine with simplified controls which let you change the sound of Realphones in a much more convenient way. You can switch from ‘Easy Mode’ to classic ‘Advanced Mode’ and back. 



▲ Monitoring banks


“Easy Mode” also offers a simple system of Monitoring banks which will help you set the Realphones sound for various tasks:


(1) Reference monitoring is the most neutral sound you can use for most tasks.

(*From the above picture: Big Fat Bottom, Flat Studio 1.)


(2) Evaluate your mix from an actual studio perspective.

(Real Studio 1, Affordable Monitors, Stereo Field.)


(3) Focus on a specific property of the music mix. This is useful during mixing, composing, arranging and sound design.

(Mix Elements.)


(4) An important sign of a high-quality mix is good translatability. With Realphones, you can check how your work would sound on consumer devices.

(Spectrum, Low Resolution, Typical Phones.)


(5) Realphones can be useful for audiophiles who want to get the most out of listening to music.

(Pleasure Listening.)





  • Correction of the headphones' frequency response.
  • Emulation of a studio control room with a professional near- and far- field monitoring system.
  • Binaural virtual positioning based on HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function).
  • Simulation of the frequency response of professional and home/consumer audio reproduction systems.
  • Flexibility of controls, giving you the possibility to adapt the sounding to match your perception.


* dSONIQ Realphones runs on both macOS and Windows in 64-bit host sequencers that support the VST2, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX Native formats. Standalone app is also available. 





Realphones Lite Pack: $37.00 USD

(Promo price until July 15, 2021 — rising thereafter to $67.00.)


Realphones Professional Pack: $55.00 USD

(Promo price until July 15, 2021 — rising thereafter to $99.00.)


Realphones Ultimate Pack: $99.00 USD

(Promo price until July 15, 2021 — rising thereafter to $179.00.)



* Download a fully functional 41-day Trial Version for free: here.




For more information on 'Realphones'










About 'dSONIQ' (https://www.dsoniq.com)

In 2004, an audio application programmer assisted a physics student in his passion for psychoacoustic technology. Many years later, in 2016, they reunited and founded dSONIQ company in order to promote Realphones headphone optimization technology to the international market.






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