Adam Monroe Music ‘Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ’: A Virtual Instrument that simulates The Sound of Hammond Organ with Rotating Leslie Speaker

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Adam Monroe Music ‘Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ’: A Virtual Instrument that simulates The Sound of Hammond Organ with Rotating Leslie Speaker

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▲ Adam Monroe's Rotary Organ (Main Controls)

© Adam Monroe Music 

Adam Monroe Music ‘Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ’: A Virtual Instrument that simulates The Sound of Hammond Organ with Rotating Leslie Speaker 



The American sample libraries, VSTs, and music plugins developer Adam Monroe Music has recently released 'Adam Monroe's Rotary Organ' (version 2.5) — A VST/AU/AAX virtual instrument that simulates the sound of a Hammond Organ with rotating Leslie Speaker. 


Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ was sampled from a Hammond Leslie M3 organ, but the range has been expanded to match that of a Hammond B3 organ. This plugin includes all the features of a full-blown Hammond B3 organ, including percussion, vibrato scanner, volume swell controls, key click, key split, lower and upper manuals, and preset switching. The plugin also includes an accurate Leslie speaker simulation, vacuum tube simulations of the Leslie Speaker’s amplifier, as well as additional models of amplifiers, and speaker EQ curves. 



▲ Adam Monroe's Rotary Organ (Leslie Controls)

© Adam Monroe Music

Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ includes an extra drawbar between the 4th and 5th drawbars and this is equivalent to the 5th harmonic of the sub-fundamental or a 3 1/5’ pipe length. Otherwise, the drawbars correspond to those on a typical Hammond organ.


This plugin includes an accurate Leslie Speaker simulation, which controls for lower and upper rotor panning, volume, and depth. The lower and upper rotor spin-up and slow-down at different rates, with the bottom rotor taking significantly longer. The speed of this acceleration can be adjusted in the plugin. The speed of the Leslie can be controlled via sustain pedal or can be assigned to any MIDI control between 0-95 (Pitch, Mod, Expression, etc.). 


The amplifier simulations are based on SPICE models for simulated vacuum tubes. There are many included models for single-ended, heavily-driven, and even-harmonic based amplifiers. The amount of distortion can be changed with the drive knob, and you can set the level being fed into the amplifier and adjust level coming out via the “Level” and “Trim” knobs.


The control for Volume Swell defaults to pitch wheel but can be reassigned. The plugin also features controls for built-in reverb, chorus, cabinet smoothing, percussion volume, noise and adjusting the phase of the speaker. There is also a “directionality” knob that controls the brightness of the Leslie speaker as it rotates and points towards the listener. The amount of Key Click on the release and attack of each note can also be adjusted, as well as the “speaker” and “amp” levels.


The plugin also includes Speaker EQ Presets that can be used to further shape the sound. These presets are intended to mimic different speaker and microphone combinations and alter the sound by making it bright or warmer, and by performing specific frequency cuts.


Overall, there are 16 amplifier types and 24 speaker types that can be combined to radically alter the sound of the organ. The Leslie speaker can also be bypassed and combined with subtle harmonic distortion to create a compact-organ sound.


Adam Monroe’s Rotary Organ is essentially a hybrid between a Hammond M3 and B3 with a more aggressive sound. It is meant to sound a bit unique to already existing plugins and simulations, but with the wide range of parameter combinations, many sounds are possible. 



© Adam Monroe Music




  • 60 Note Range C2 to C7
  • Accurate Leslie speaker simulation
  • Amps based on vacuum tube simulations
  • Upper and lower Horn depth, volume, and width controls
  • Adjust the brightness and directionality of the Leslie speaker
  • Speaker/EQ curves
  • 500MB of Sample Data and 95 Presets (many modeled after famous Hammond organ sounds)
  • Switchable Speaker "Whoosh"
  • Amplifier level and trim controls
  • Chorus, Noise, Delay, and Reverb Size controls
  • Assignable Leslie Speed and Volume Swell controls
  • Blend and Pan Leslie and DI signals
  • Turn off Key Click for the Lower Manual
  • Improved Vibrato Algorithm (Cubic interpolation)
  • 10 Drawbars
  • Upper and Lower Manuals with the ability to define the Key-Split point
  • B and B-Flat preset switching
  • Vibrato and Chorus Scanner
  • Adjustable Percussion and Key Click
  • Speaker and Amp Channels
  • Leslie Bypass
  • Stereo/Mono Switch
  • 2nd/3rd Harmonic Percussion
  • IR Reverb and Cabinets
  • Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz sample rates.



System Requirements

Adam Monroe's Rotary Organ is designed to work with VST, AU (Audio Unit) and AAX native versions.

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64-Bit)
  • MacOS 10.9 - 10.14 (32-Bit)
  • MacOS 10.9 - 11.0 (64-Bit)
  • 4 Gigabytes of Ram (8 Gigabytes recommended)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3GHZ or higher recommended




$25.00 USD



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About 'Adam Monroe Music' (

Adam Monroe is a freelance musician, composer, and independent sample library developer. He is the owner, operator, and founder of Adam Monroe Music offering sample libraries, VSTs, and music plugins. 






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