AURA Plugins 'Access Virus Editor & Librarian': The Hardware Editor that Helps Thoroughly Control Access Virus Synthesizers from Your DAW

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AURA Plugins 'Access Virus Editor & Librarian': The Hardware Editor that Helps Thoroughly Control Access Virus Synthesizers from Your DAW

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AURA Plugins 'Access Virus Editor & Librarian': The Hardware Editor that Helps Thoroughly Control Access Virus Synthesizers from Your DAW  



The Finnish software development company AURA Plugins has recently released 'Access Virus Editor & Librarian' (version 3.0) — The hardware editor and librarian for all models of Access Virus hardware synthesizers available as a Native AAX, Audio Unit, VST2 or VST3 plug-in and a standalone application. It is designed to control all Access Virus models over MIDI or USB right from your DAW.


The main point with Access Virus Editor & Librarian is that users can connect all Access Virus models to it with Total Recall, Full automation support, Patch management without hardware limitations, and with a clear, intuitive user interface which makes programming easy. Currently Virus TI works in macOS 10.12 or greater with USB since Access Music stopped their development but AURA Plugins continued that development allowing users to connect Virus TI with Apple Silicon or Intel based Macs. 



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First of all, Access Virus Editor & Librarian brings users can work with their Access Virus hardware synthesizer by the same way they use their virtual instrument plug-ins. It brings hardware integration to modern DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) environments and works seamlessly with all Access Virus synthesizers. The Access Virus Editor & Librarian will recall your patch settings when you open your project and the data will be sent to your Virus synthesizer automatically once you open your project. Your synthesizer is always synchronized with your session. This Total Recall brings you save time with no more waiting for loading or transferring hardware data. So, it is now much faster to scroll thru sounds and make tweaks within your DAW as well as you can automate parameters with real hardware control names.



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The graphical user interface design of Access Virus Editor & Librarian is designed to make everything from sound design to patch editing as smooth as possible. When you move a slider, push a button or twist a knob in your Virus hardware synthesizer, software will respond at appropriate layer or part. As all the edits are stored within the project, so once the project is opened up again, Total Recall will send the data to hardware automatically. Users can use sections locks with Randomizer function to create complex sounds while keeping the best settings untouched.


Access Virus Editor & Librarian lets users control all 16 parts from the single plug-in instance, so users can have different patches on different layers and play them at the same time or individually. Users can send patches from Patch Librarian to their selected part. 



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Access Virus Editor & Librarian provides full-automation, so users can automate almost every parameter right from their DAW without the hassle to memorize all the MIDI CC's. To do this, simply set your DAW automation to Write or Latch mode and then turning the knob from your Virus hardware synthesizer or the plug-in.


Access Virus Editor & Librarian offers what Access Music’s Access Virus Control software doesn’t, such as compatibility with all Virus models, custom skins, randomizer function with amount control, randomization via MIDI command, MIDI learn for almost all of the controls, load and save MIDI CC mappings, freely resizable interface, save multi with patch data included, compatibility with latest macOS with USB MIDI and audio stream, availability as standalone app, native AAX, VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit plug-in for both Mac and Windows, and continuous support and development. 




  • Control your Access Virus directly from your DAW
  • Automate almost every parameter directly from your DAW
  • No need to remember CC's for each knobs / per synthersizer
  • Load, Edit and Store patches into hardware memory or in your HDD personal library
  • Randomize part data
  • Store any Access Virus compatible soundset in your HDD library folder and browse it from Access Virus Editor & Librarian
  • Send banks or individual patches from librarian to hardware
  • Request banks or individual patches from hardware to librarian
  • Total Recall: When you reopen your project, all of the data used in it, will be sent to the hardware automatically



Compatibility & System Requirements

  • Compatible with: Access Virus A, B, Rack, C, Rack XL, Indigo, TI, Polar, TI Snow and TI2 series.
  • macOS 10.12 or greater with 64-bit AAX, Audio Unit, VST2 or VST3 host application. Standalone Application works without host application. Intel or Apple Silicon processor.
  • Windows 7 or greater with 64-bit AAX, VST2 or VST3 host application. Standalone Application works without host application.
  • At least Full HD resolution on your display.




$49.95 USD

(This is the discounted price from the original price of $69.95. This sale ends on 5th of September 2022.)


*You can download a free Demo with limited functionality: here


**If you need multiple Editors, it is better to choose Bundle of 3, 6 or 10 instead of buying individual products. You can save up to 50% by choosing bundle: here



For more information on 'Access Virus Editor & Librarian'







About 'AURA Plugins' (

AURA Plugins Oy is a software development company located in Northern Finland. Our focus is Editor and Librarian software for hardware synthesizers and hardware effect units. These products allows our Editor users to connect Digital Audio Workstation with hardware equipment using VST2, VST3, Native AAX or Audio Unit format plug-ins. Our Editor & Librarian software is also available as Standalone Applications for macOS and Windows. With the experience of 10+ years in C++ programming, our plug-ins and applications work with all major DAW’s and with the latest Windows and macOS operating systems. New updates are in the works for the editors which are not yet compatible. AURA Plugins Editor & Librarian software is great for home producers as well as professional producers. Our software is used in Universities, big recording studios around the world.



*Products released so far:

Access Virus Editor for all Access Virus models. Including Virus TI + Apple Silicon USB compatibility.

Clavia Nord 2 Editor for Clavia Nord Lead / Rack 1, 2, 2X models.

Korg microKorg Editor for Korg microKorg (first generation, not microKorg XL models).

Korg MS2000 Editor for Korg MS2000 & MS2000R models.

Novation SN Editor for Novation Nova Desktop and Supernova Rack models.

Novation SN II Editor for Novation II Keyboard, Supernova II models.

Waldorf Blofeld Editor for Waldorf Blofeld models.

Waldorf microQ Editor for Waldorf microQ models.

Waldorf Q Editor for Waldorf Q models.

Waldorf Pulse Editor for Waldorf Pulse / Pulse+ models.

Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor for Waldorf Pulse 2 model.

Roland JP-80x0 Editor for Roland JP-8000 / JP-8080 models.






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  • Stay away. Horrible experience. They don't even have support team. Program is buggy not useable in real life. Trying to get refund via credit card company since AURA support team is impossible to contact.