Apollo Sound ‘LoFi Hip-Hop Drums 2’: Huge Drum Arsenal For Your Lo-fi & ChillHop Beats

Get Over 1,900 Dusty Lo-fi Drum Loops, Samples, Patterns, Battery Kits & Texture Loops

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Apollo Sound ‘LoFi Hip-Hop Drums 2’: Huge Drum Arsenal For Your Lo-fi & ChillHop Beats

Get Over 1,900 Dusty Lo-fi Drum Loops, Samples, Patterns, Battery Kits & Texture Loops

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Apollo Sound ‘LoFi Hip-Hop Drums 2’: Huge Drum Arsenal For Your Lo-fi & ChillHop Beats


Get Over 1,900 Dusty Lo-fi Drum Loops, Samples, Patterns, Battery Kits & Texture Loops



Apollo Sound proudly presents you the next part of their Lo-fi drum sample pack, LoFi Hip-Hop Drums 2. It's few times bigger, doper, useful and varied than the previous version. If you need some good Lo-fi drums for your dusty Lo-fi & Chill Hop beats, don’t hesitate to try Apollo Sound’s ‘LoFi Hip-Hop Drums 2’. This pack covers all your needs in Lo-fi drums production.


Drum Samples

Huge custom-made Lo-fi drum kit that has 660 exclusive drum hits, was made especially for this sample pack. In the folder you have everything for creating cozy vintage drum loops: round kicks, soft snares & rimshots, short hi-hats, nice percs, strange foley sounds and more. All samples are divided to 3 types: Clean, Tape & LoFi. Clean are the raw drum samples with soft but quite clean sound. Tape are the drums that were processed with Akai GX-230 reel-to-reel tape, that has given them natural tape warmth and little bit saturation. LoFi are the drums that were filtered with legendary sampler Roland SP-404.


Drum Loops

In this folder you will find 549 drum loops (full drum loops & drum stems) in tempos from 65 to 95 bpm. All the loops are divided into 2 types. The first type is MPC drum loops, loops that are created with legendary Akai MPC 2000XL. Dense, crunchy with real swing, that only vintage Akai samplers have. The second type is LoFi drum loops, loops that were filtered with Roland SP-404 sampler and which are fully ready for use in Lo-fi tracks. Loops will perfectly work for beat-makers who want to focus on harmony and melody and not spend time for making drum patterns.


Rex2 Drum Loops

If you want to change the tempo of the drum loop from the ‘LoFi Hip-Hop Drums 2’ library but afraid of losing the quality – no worries. All drum loops are doubled in formats Rex2 sliced loops, that sound the same as the original while changing the tempo.


Battery Drum Kits

The Apollo Sound team haven't forgot about the people who use soft samplers NI Battery and created exclusively for them 40 drum kits and also 40 midi drum patterns that you can change on your own taste.


Midi Drum Patterns

As I have said earlier the midi patterns were created for NI Battery drum kits but can also be used in any other sampler or DAW.


Texture Loops

This is what will add the desired atmosphere to your Lo-fi beats. Vinyl noises, rain sounds, sea waves, meadow birds, radio snow, campfire crackles, playground ambient and many other interesting textures, looped and tempo labeled for your convenience. All is in that folder.


Sampler Patches

As usual, for users' convenience Apollo Sound team created sampler patches for following soft samplers: KONTAKT, EXS24, NN-XT. Just drag and drop patches with this great Lo-fi drums into your favorite samplers and start creating. 





1,947 Sound Files Total:


- 220 Clean Drum Samples


- 220 LoFi Drum Samples


- 220 Tape Drum Samples


- 293 LoFi Drum Loops (40 Full, 253 Stems)


- 293 MPC Drum Loops (40 Full, 216 Stems)


- 536 REX2 Sliced Drum Loops


- 40 NI Battery Drum Kits


- 40 Midi Drum Patterns


- 50 Texture Loops


- 24 Soft Sampler Patches




- Quality: 24Bit, 44.1KHZ


- Full Archive Size: 1.64 GB


- All loops are Tempo labeled 


- All loops & samples are 100% Royalty Free


- Sampler patches: KONTAKT, EXS24, NN-XT


- Bpm 65707580859095 




Audio gears used in this sample pack



Samplers and drum-machines:


Akai MPC2000XL, Akai S3000XL, Roland Sp-404, NI Maschine Sampler



Drum Set:


Mapex Saturn V Drums





Akai GX-230 Reel-to-Reel Tape



Synthesizers and synth-modules:

Yamaha Motif Rack, Korg TR-Rack, E-Mu Orbit 9090, E-MU Planet Phatt



DJ equipment:


Technics SL-1210 Turntable, Traktor Kontrol Z2 Mixer



*Please note: This is a Drum Sample Pack only. The DEMO contains other sounds exclusively for illustration and they are not included in this sample pack.




LoFi Hip-Hop Drums 2


Author: Apollo Sound


Genre: Downtempo, Lo-Fi, Hip-hop


Instrument: Drums, SFX, Drum Kit


Price: $40.00 USD



(*Use 30% Off First Purchase Code: APOLLO30)



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About ‘Apollo Sound’

Apollo Sound has been founded in the beginning of 2015 by Leon Varin in Tel Aviv. It has been started literally from scratch as Leon is a musical producer, beatmaker & CEO and a few confident enthusiastic sound designers, musicians and programmers, who decided to drag musical production industry to the higher level. At the moment the company Apollo Sound is based in Kiev, Ukraine and has representatives in Israel and Canada. As a company that provides producers with sound sources we simply can’t save on quality. That's why we have dozens of state-of-art analogue and digital hardware synthesizers and synth modules in our head studio. Along with it we constantly use diverse vintage and modern samplers, drum machines, reel-to-reel tapes and unusual ways of sound recording and sound design. we also use all the capacities of synthesis, super futuristic sound, and simplicity in usage of modern virtual synthesizers like XFer Serum, NI Massive and other.









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