TAQS.IM ‘AUv3 World Synth & Drum Pad Machine’: A New iOS Mobile World Music Synthesizer

Play World Sounds, Rhythms, Scales & Drones anywhere

The Music Telegraph | Text 2020/12/03 [17:52]

TAQS.IM ‘AUv3 World Synth & Drum Pad Machine’: A New iOS Mobile World Music Synthesizer

Play World Sounds, Rhythms, Scales & Drones anywhere

The Music Telegraph| 입력 : 2020/12/03 [17:52]

TAQS.IM ‘AUv3 World Synth & Drum Pad Machine’: A New iOS Mobile World Music Synthesizer  

Play World Sounds, Rhythms, Scales & Drones anywhere 



American world music specialized audio software developer TAQS.IM announces the release of AUv3 World Synth & Drum Pad Machine, a new iOS mobile world music synthesizer.


Join over 50,000 Musicians playing authentic world sounds, rhythms, and scales with the TAQS.IM 'AUv3 World Synth & Drum Pad Machine'. Take a sonic tour through Asia to Latin America, from the Middle East to the Mediterranean - all with TAQS.IM’s premium and community sound packs.







Play World Sounds

TAQS.IM partnered with producers from across the globe to bring you hundreds of authentic sounds and rhythms from various parts of the globe. Expand your musical horizons by playing Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, Persian, Balkan, European, Greek, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Klezmer, Latin & South American sounds, scales and rhythms. 





Join the Community

Create or import your own custom sounds and rhythms and share them with TAQS.IM’s ever-growing community. Import Korg KMP or SFZ format sounds and tweak to your heart’s content. Load your custom WAV and AIFF files to play within AUv3 World Synth & Drum Pad Machine. Share your sonic creations with the world by uploading them to TAQS.IM’s user community for others to download. 





Learn World Rhythms & Microtonal Scales

Use the built-in drum pad machine to play along with unique world rhythms. Practice interesting odd-rhythm and syncopated time signatures found throughout the globe. If you want more, import your own custom loops to play along with. Sync the app with Ableton Link to integrate with your studio, software, and hardware gear. Enhance your musical vocabulary by learning Makam, Raga, and World Scales such as Beyati, Hijaz, Rast, Saba, Segah, Aeolian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Blues Scale, Raag Marwa, Raag Bhairav, Chinese, Hungarian, Mongolian, Roma, Ethiopian Tizita, Ethiopian Anchihoye, and more.



In version 4, TAQS.IM brought Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) capability to the app. This allows you to easily integrate with your favorite iOS DAW - GarageBand, Cubasis, Beatmaker and more.


Start your worldwide musical journey with the TAQS.IM 'AUv3 World Synth & Drum Pad Machine'.





- Premium Sound and Rhythm Packs from Across the World

- AUv3 Support

- Ableton Link Support

- Layer and Split Sounds

- Save Favorite Sounds and Rhythms

- Microtonal Real-Time Scale Converter

- World, Middle Eastern, and Raga scales

- Import Korg KMP, SFZ, Wav, and AIFF files

- Inter-app Audio (IAA)

- AudioBus Support

- MIDI in (Control with a MIDI Keyboard or AudioBUS/IAA)

- Filter Section

- Envelope Section

- FX Section: Octaver, Phaser, Autowah, Delay, Reverb



Product Information



Size: 181.3 MB


Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Languages: English


Price: Free


In-App Purchases:


1. Hip Hop Trap Lofi


2. TAQS.IM Monthly Premium Access ($5.99)


3. Silk Road: Erhu, Santur, Sitar ($3.99)


4. Arabic Sounds: Oud, Ney, Org ($3.99)


5. Turkish Sounds: Saz, Kanun ($3.99)


6. Kavkaz Duduk, Tar Zurna ($3.99)


7. Euro Accordion, Clarinet, Sax ($3.99)


8. Arabic Darbuka Tabla Rhythms ($2.99)


9. Heavy Metal Drum Loops ($2.99)


10. Arabic Beats: Laff, Saidi, Fox ($2.99)  




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About 'TAQS.IM'


"The World-Class Resource For Middle Eastern Music Aficionados"


We’re passionate about Middle Eastern and World sounds. We’re also passionate about musicians, composers, producers, and music lovers. We believe that having great world sounds available and at your fingertips can not only enhance your projects but also enrich your life.


That’s why we founded TAQS.IM; a resource where you get curated music, sound libraries, and learning tools. This way, whether you’re a professional musician developing new work, a producer adding effects to your next album, or a listener passionate about this genre – you have everything you need, right when you need it.


Tens of thousands of musicians are using TAQS.IM to explore world music, expand their musical knowledge, and connect with each other.









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