Lugert Publishing ‘ScanScore 2’: A Professional Software for Scanning, Editing, Transposing and Playing Sheet Music

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Lugert Publishing ‘ScanScore 2’: A Professional Software for Scanning, Editing, Transposing and Playing Sheet Music

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▲ ScanScore 2

Lugert Publishing ‘ScanScore 2’: A Professional Software for Scanning, Editing, Transposing and Playing Sheet Music 



ScanScore is a scan software for sheet music to digitize sheet music that is printed on paper, in PDF format or on an image file. Once digitized, the sheet music can be edited, transposed or played back. Built on a 64-bit base (Qt-5), the program’s core is state-of-the art. ScanScore was first released in 2019 and has more than 20,000 users around the world.


So, with ScanScore, you don’t need to spend hours for rewriting, transposing, and simplifying your scores anymore. Simply scan your score using a scanner or smartphone, or import PDF and picture files. You can edit, transpose, and play back your score immediately. Export as MusicXML or MIDI files and open them in your favorite music software for further processing.



ScanScore recognizes pitch and note value, tempo, dynamics, key, instrument, as well as lyrics and chords. ScanScore allows three importing options: importing a file, using a scanner, and taking a quick photo on the smartphone’s capture app. ScanScore converts the optical data of the sheet music into a digital format.


The musician can edit and process the digital score using the clearly laid out tools of ScanScore’s graphical user interface. These scores can be printed as well as exported into MIDI or MusicXML files. This enables ScanScore to work smoothly with MusicXML-based notation programs such as Sibelius, Finale, Dorico, MuseScore, Notion, FORTE or Capella.


ScanScore’s versatility makes it a perfect tool for almost any level musician - from the chorister to the composer. Hobbyists can prepare their sheet music for rehearsing at home; choir or orchestra leaders can vastly edit their sheet music; producers can import the results into the DAW of their choice.



▲ Three versions of ScanScore 2 are available: 'ScanScore 2 Melody', 'ScanScore 2 Ensemble', 'ScanScore 2 Professional'.

There are three versions of ScanScore, and they can process a different number of staves each: 'ScanScore 2 Melody' allows you to export only one staff (i.e. a simple song, a lead sheet or an orchestra part), 'ScanScore 2 Ensemble' allows systems of up to four staves (like an STAB choir or a quartet), and 'ScanScore 2 Professional' has no limitation on the number of staves allowed for export, so you can scan in bigger choir, big band or orchestra scores.


ScanScore is a registered trademark of Lugert Publishing in Germany. Lugert Publishing has been preparing and releasing materials such as textbooks, DVDs, and digital downloads for music teachers for 40 years. 




Features of 'ScanScore 2'


- Scan printed and digital sheet music


- Scan lyrics and chords


Use a smartphone or a conventional scanner for the scan


Alternatively, photograph scores using the ‘ScanScore Capture App’ (available free of charge in the Google Play and Apple App Store) and transfer them to ScanScore


Import PDF and picture files


Playback, edit, and transpose your sheet music


Integrated music editor, chord recognition and convenient correction options


Export your score for further processing in another programs like MuseScore, Dorico, Sibelius, FORTE, Capella, Notion or Finale (support MIDI and MusicXML files)


Uses new detection algorithms to produce excellent results


Unlimited pages 


* ScanScore’s text recognition is limited to the Latin Alphabet. Korean, Japanese or Chinese characters will not be recognized.






ScanScore 2 Melody: $39 USD

ScanScore 2 Ensemble: $99 USD

ScanScore 2 Professional: $179 USD


*Note that a Trial version for Windows & Mac can be downloaded for free: here 



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About 'ScanScore'

At ScanScore, we’re a team of passionate musicologists, software developers and product managers committed to making your life as a musician easier and creating tools that help you live your passion for music. As every musician knows, retyping sheet music is a real hassle. So, over 10 years ago we set out to radically transform the process by developing our music scanning technology. In 2005, we released our first FORTE Notation software. And after years of work and improvements, we were finally ready in 2018 to release the first version of ScanScore. 






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