Imaginando ‘DRC’: A Minimalistic Virtual Analog Synthesizer Generating Classic Warm and Rich Analog Sounds on Your Mobile and Desktop

The intuitive and minimal design of the interface allows you to concentrate on creativity and control of your sound on all platforms

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Imaginando ‘DRC’: A Minimalistic Virtual Analog Synthesizer Generating Classic Warm and Rich Analog Sounds on Your Mobile and Desktop

The intuitive and minimal design of the interface allows you to concentrate on creativity and control of your sound on all platforms

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▲ Imaginando 'DRC' on iPad

Imaginando ‘DRC’: A Minimalistic Virtual Analog Synthesizer Generating Classic Warm and Rich Analog Sounds on Your Mobile and Desktop


The intuitive and minimal design of the interface allows you to concentrate on creativity and control of your sound on all platforms 





▲ Imaginando 'DRC' main control panel

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Imaginando designed ‘DRC’ as a simple but powerful virtual analog synthesizer allowing beginners as well as experienced users to take control of the full potential of its sonic capabilities. DRC features a minimalistic interface designed to operate in the various screen sizes, ranging from mobile to desktop. DRC runs with the exact same synth-engine on all platforms ensuring consistent and high quality sounds at any platform. DRC transforms simple waveforms into rich and lush soundscapes bursting with harmonics with its effect processing, so users can get classic warm and rich analog sounds simply with their fingertips. If you are new to synthesizers, DRC is the perfect product to start. With a clean and minimal design focused on accessibility, the intuitive interface allows you to concentrate on creativity and  control of your sound without any visual distraction.   





Features of DRC

The interface of DRC is divided into four parameters panels - Oscillators, Filter, Mixer, and Modifiers - and one performance section. Each panel has several tabs on the top that allow access to other parameters in an easy and intuitive way. 



▲ Oscillators panel

There are 4 different and simultaneous sound sources in DRC - 2 oscillators, 1 sub-octave oscillator and 1 noise source - and these sound sources are manipulated in the Oscillators panel. OSC 1 is the default sound source in DRC and is the one that defines the pitch of the synthesizer. You can modulate the pitch with LFO’s (Low Frequency Oscillators) and EG’s (Envelope Generators) in MOD tab. In DRC you detune OSC 2 in relation to OSC 1 and the frequency of the Sub-Octave Oscillator is tied to that of OSC 1. The Sub-Octave Oscillator is an auxiliary oscillator mainly used to fatten the sound. The Noise Generator outputs White Noise which add some texture to sounds. In DRC the noise can be filtered in order to give more noise flavors with less high frequency content.




▲ Filter panel

In the Filter panel you have access to every parameter regarding the Filter and the VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) module. In MAIN tab you control the filter parameters to enhance expression and sound sculpting in real time. The filter parameters in MAIN tab consist of ‘Cutoff’, ‘Resonance’, ‘EG 2’, ‘LFO 2’, and ‘MODE’ (L4P (4 pole Lowpass Filter: 24dB/oct attenuation), L2P (2 pole Lowpass Filter: 12dB/oct attenuation), B2P (2 pole Bandpass Filter: 12dB/oct attenuation), H2P (2 pole Highpass Filter: 12dB/oct attenuation), and NOTCH (notch filter)). The MOD tab represents the Filter Modulation section of DRC. All modulations go to the Filter Frequency with the exception of VEL (Velocity - the force with which you press a keyboard key). VEL injects this force sensing control voltage in the EG 2 AMOUNT which in turn affects the Frequency in the way with an envelope instead of a constant voltage. 




▲ Mixer panel

The Mixer of DRC is a central hub to where all sound sources go. In the Mixer panel you can control the balance between all the available sound sources. In DRC you can saturate the input of the Filter and this has an effect not only in the overall tone but also in the perceived balance between different sources. After reaching a good balance between sources you can take advantage of the PRE-GAIN fader in AMP tab to control how much signal goes to the Filter input. In addition, you will find all the available DRC effects in the Mixer panel. The Delay effect of DRC adopted modeled wow, flutter, and noise typically found on tape delay machines to give it a very pleasing characteristic with feedback pushed to the limits. The delay topology of DRC is inspired in both classic BBD analog delay and tape delay, so you can make various great delay effects with simple tweaks of given parameters. The Reverb of DRC does not emulate any particular physical space, instead it produces lush and sci-fi reverbs contributing creativity and complexity to the sound. DRC provides two types of Chorus, both are true stereo inspired in the best analog synthesizers ever and generating different complexity each other in cross feeding parts of the spectrum.




▲ Modifiers panel

In the Modifiers panel users can control all the available modulation sources (EG 1, EG 2, LFO 1, LFO 2) and also the arpeggiator. This various modulations are fed to the Oscillators, Filter, and even to the Delay and Reverb effects giving life and movement to the sounds. In DRC, there are two EG’s (Envelope Generators), one used by default in the VCA and the other hardcoded to the Filter Envelope. In fact, DRC is the abbreviation for ‘Digital Resistor Capacitor’ and Imaginando’s developers emulated a true analog ADSR that charges a capacitor through a resistor to make envelopes of DRC run a completely foolproof analog behavior. The LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) creates a slow moving waveform used to control all sorts of parameters throughout the synth giving life to sounds and making them evolve in time. There are 2 LFO’s in DRC and each of them has 6 different waveforms. These LFO’s can be delayed and synced to master tempo. The Arpeggiator syncs the notes you play to the master tempo of DRC or your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) converting them into various rhythmic progressions.




▲ Piano Keyboard


▲ Chorder

DRC provides two performance modes - a Piano Keyboard and a Chorder. The Piano Keyboard features an adjustable ‘view-port’ which allows users to adjust the amount of keys available on the keyboard to play, a ‘pitch bend’, a ‘modulation wheel’, and ‘HOLD’ function which allows the sustain of notes, just like a sustain pedal. In the Keyboard Settings panel users can configure pitch bend, modulation wheel, after touch, and a keyboard scale in details. The Chorder mode consists of two performance parts - the honeycomb keyboard and the strummers. The honeycomb keyboard allows users to play three different chords (minor, Major, and Dominant 7) and the strummers allows a strumming type of play like a guitar performance.




▲ Cloud Sync of DRC

Regarding a technical support for DRC users, Imaginando provides ‘Cloud Sync’ functionality, so users can seamlessly shift their workflow between devices for sound design on the go. You can take your creations outside of the studio or start a new sound on your mobile then move it to your DAW while using DRC




With ‘DRC’ You can do:


- Design your sounds on mobile, tablet, and desktop PC

- Create classic analog synth sounds based on subtractive synthesis

- Shift workflow between devices in everywhere you are

- Use for live performance

- and more.









Permanent License: €89 EUR


Rent to Own (pause at any time): €8.9/month for 12 months



*Note that a fully-functional trial version for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows can be downloaded free: here 






Imaginando Imaginando creates inspiring musical experiences by combining music with technology. we mix music and technology to create unique audio-visual experiences, whilst empowering artists to maximize their own creativity with the innovative tools that we build. ‘Creativity is our obsession’ - since 2014 it has been the driving force behind everything that we do. Both inquisitive and experimental, our dynamic and pragmatic approach to the development of all our projects, provides an exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding journey that we love. 





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