Music Business (Quiz #2)

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Music Business (Quiz #2)

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1. The Harry Fox Agency is a independent company that will handle all administration needs for your songwriting and publishing business for a fee of ______. They will also _____ record companies for you. The fee for this service is _____ of what they recover from a label on your behalf.




2. A sample is a _____ snapshot of records & CD’s used in new musical compositions. Permission to use parts of those recordings must be granted by _________________ before the new recording can be released. That fee is negotiated and is also based on how many _____ or _____ the user intends to use in the new composition. 

Fees start at _____ and may also include a request for _____ on the new record.

Percentages from usage range from _____ to _____ of these.




3. Before a song can be released in any format, the user must get permission from the owner of that song. The owner of that copyright grants the user the right to release that song. This process is referred to as ___________________________. These are usually granted or issued by the _______________________. If a song has been released at least once before, permission will be ____________________.




4. When a song is used in a movie or on TV, the producer of the show/film must get permission from the _______________________ to use the song. If the _________ and ________ can negotiate the $, the producer will be granted a _________ license. The rate of payment varies and depends on what publisher feels the song is worth.




5. Collected by Performance Rights Organizations, songwriters and publishers earn $ each time a song plays on the radio, TV, or during any public performance. These are called _________________. 




6. The _________ rate only applies to songs that have been recorded and released at least once. If a song has not been released, the publisher may charge whatever rate he chooses. These publishing royalties are also know as _______________. This rate is _______ per minute.

The rate for most songs today (4 minutes) is __________. Before 1976, this rate was ______ per ________. 












1. 6.75%, audit, 6.75%


2. audio, the original copyright holder of that song, seconds, minutes, $2500, point, 1, 5


3. granting a license, publishing company, automatically granted


4. the copyright holder of that song, producer, publisher, sync


5. performance royalties


6. statutory, mechanical royalties, 1.75c, 9.1c, 2 cents, song






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