Review: Reverb Parameters

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Review: Reverb Parameters

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Review: Reverb Parameters



Pre-delay (Initial delay)

This parameter controls how long it takes the input signal to go into the reverb device. It is used to represent what happens in real life. A direct signal coming from a sound source will naturally take some amount of time before it reaches a surface to bounce off of. This time is called the first early reflection. The ear-brain uses this timing information to calculate the apparent distance of the sounds source to the nearest walls. To some degree it gives a sense of size of the space the sound is in. The longer the amount of initial delay, the larger the room will seem to be (up to a point). Common pre-delay values are under 200 milliseconds and usually are much less.



Reverb Time, Decay Time, RT60

These are all the same. Very simply, it is the amount of time it takes the reverb signal to decay by 60 dB from its loudest level. The longer the RT60, the deeper the spaces will seem to be. There is no generally accepted value for Reverb time. Whatever works is what works.




Just like any other sound, the EQ section in a reverb device will alter the timbre of the reverb. If you are looking for natural sounding reverbs on your project, then rolling of the highs will suggest a highly draped, rugged and couched room. Conversely if you accentuate the high end you might end up singing in the bathroom.




This control determines the way the reverberations bounce around the virtual room created bythe effect. The more diffusion, the "smoother" the reverb will sound.



Mix (or Blend)

This control allows you to adjust the amount of unprocessed (dry) sound you want to have in your reverb output. In most situations involving studio production work, you would set this control so that there was no dry signal at the output; only the reverb. By using your console's faders rather than the processor's internal mixer, you'll have more control over the mix. 





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