Vintage Microphones on Acoustic Recording

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Vintage Microphones on Acoustic Recording

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▲ Neumann KM-56

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Vintage Microphones on Acoustic Recording


- Neumann KM-56 or KM-54 is great for close miking of acoustic instruments. These microphones have a nice top-end sound and the bottom-end sound is rolled off pretty well on them. (see the above photo)


▲ Neumann KM-54

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- AKG C-452 is great for the isolation and it's polar pattern is tight. C-452 is well used for tracking acoustic instruments. The problem with C-452 on acoustics is something that it can be too  brittle sounding, so you should add some warmth in the midrange area.


▲ AKG C-452

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- Neumann U-67 is great for acoustics, especially for acoustic guitar sounds. 


▲ Neumann U-67

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- Neumann M-49 is a much warmer microphone and when you get them further away from the instrument and they are going to sound very real.


▲ Neumann M-49

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- AKG C-24 is very good microphone for close miking, but not as much for accurate ambient miking, whereas the M-49's are almost like the human ear.


▲ AKG C-24

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