Sound in Video Production

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Sound in Video Production

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Sound in Video Production


1. Video sound design is a field of producing sound for video through recording, computer MIDI production, and voice editing.



2. The sound effect in video gives a sense of reality to the image, expresses the mental state of the person, and represents the transition of the scene. Also, the sound effect makes it easy for viewers to understand the atmosphere of the scene .



3. In video production, music stimulates the audience with emotion about the scene by melody, rhythm, and harmony. In addition, music in video determines the mood of the scene and explains the situation. 



4. In case of a plurality of musical notes in video production, the sense of reality increases when the balance is reached by adjusting the strength of each sound. 



5. In video production, the three major elements of sound source are dialogue, sound effect, and music effect.



6. When a person's face is closed up, the case where the image and voice match is called the synchronous cut. On the other hand, when a person is talking and the face of another person is closed up the image is called an asynchronous cut.



7. In video sound, fade-in means that the audio level gradually grows, while fade-out means th at the audio level gradually becomes smaller.



8. When you play video and music together, the sound quality feels better than when you play  only the music signal.



9. The person who directs and is responsible for all the sounds in a movie is called 'Sound Supervisor'.



10. In video production, the sound that expresses the sense of reality by the spatial sense of the  scene or the background sound is called 'Ambience'.



11. The main music that is repeated often throughout the video is called 'Theme music'.






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