Rider To Contract Dated: Roberta Flack (1)

The Music Telegraph | Text 2019/09/26 [13:07]

Rider To Contract Dated: Roberta Flack (1)

The Music Telegraph| 입력 : 2019/09/26 [13:07]




Rider To Contract Dated: Roberta Flack (1)



Between: ______ (Hereinafter Called "Promoter") and Roberta Flack DBA Magic Lady (Hereinafter Called "Artist")


The following provisions shall be deemed incorporated in and part of the Agreement to which this rider is annexed.



(A) Promoter agrees that Artist shall receive sole Headline billing in one hundred percent (100%) size type and prominence in any and all advertising and publicity, including, but not limited to lights, marquee, tickets, displays and programs.


(B) No other act shall receive more than fifty percent (50%) size billing without prior written approval.



(A) All payments by Promoter to Artist required to be made under or pursuant to this agreement shall be made in the form of cash, certified check, or cashier's check payable to ROBERTA FLACK DBA MAGIC LADY.


(B) If any balance remains to be paid on the guarantee hereunder on the date of engagement, such balance shall be paid to Artist or Artist's representative at least one half hour prior to comencement of Artist's performance.



(1) Any balance due on a percentage computation of Gross of Net will be paid immediately after the closing of the box office, and such box office closing shall take place not less than one hour prior to Artist's performance. At the time of percentage computation of Gross or Net, a ticket printer's manifest from bonded ticket printer and a detailed box office statement detailing  all bona fide expenses incurred by Promoter in representing this engagement and previously approved by Artist, shall be made available to Artist's representative.


(2) Bona Fide expenses shall not include Promoter overhead expenses including but not limited to Promoter staff (production manager, stage manager, catering director, etc.), salaries, hotel, travel, and other such expenses. In addition, bona fide expenses shall not include advertising commissions if the advertising agency is owned in part by Promoter or subsidiary or affiliate ofPromoter.






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